February 11, 2021 at 2:14pm | Matthew Soto
Check out these quick tips to help with cold temperatures that help various structural and mechanical systems in your home.

  1.  Cover Your Outdoor Water Pipes and Faucets - Disconnect and store away garden hoses, shut off your automated sprinkler system, and cover your exterior hose faucets with an insulated cover.
  2.  Seal Holes and Cracks - Check and/or re-caulk around the exterior and interior of windows. Use any weather-stripping on doors to ensure no air is getting through. If you see any cracks or holes around siding or trim, even where a cable or phone line is, use a can of spray foam to fill in.
  3. Add Insulation - Over the years the insulation in your house shrinks especially in the attic. Adding insulation where needed will help with the temperature control inside the house but will also help save you money on energy bills.
  4. Keep Water Flowing - Set your inside faucets to a slow drip and open cabinet doors so your pipes will be warmed from the room air. 
  5. Keep Garage Doors Closed.  This will help keep the cold temperatures out of your house and protect any plumbing fixtures in your garage.


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